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Twenty-20 , A new face of cricket

Aggression and excitement seems to be gobbling up the gentleness out of the gentlemen's game, Cricket. Today cricket is not just about playing and enjoying, its about winning. Young players, like Yuvraj, Dhoni, full of enthusiasm and the desire to make their mark on the world cricket coupled with new rules and the introduction of the revolutionary T-20 cricket have taken this game to new heights.

First of all, for those ignorant lot who might be wondering what the hell is this twenty twenty thing? Well guys wake up. its the future of cricket. In a t20 match only 40 overs are bowled, 20 for each team. The best thing is, the whole match is over within three hours. It might be just like watching a movie, but excitement guaranteed.Todays life includes a jam packed schedule for all of us. Do we really have 5 days to spare and that too, mostly to watch a draw? This question is in itself a statement. When the ODIs were introduced, it seemed they would engulf the test matches, yet the five dayers continue to be seen. Maybe because it tests the real caliber of the teams, and maybe thats why its called 'test match'. But the top heads at the ICC should lend a thought to this, "Who cares?". Who cares which team is the best if it comes with five boring and tiresome days. What the fans really want is something much more exciting, thrilling and breathtaking. Well, Twenty twenty has it all! Those guys who saw the t20 world cup final between the two known rivals of world cricket might well rember the sheer excitement the last moments of the match held within themselves. This is what we want. Its short, its interesting and damn exciting.

Most of the cricket fans around the globe might be hoping that a twenty twenty series must be held on each tour. Lets see if the wish is granted. we can do nothing but wait.


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